Our Services


CAG Aviation Consulting has a team made up of highly qualified and experienced technicians and Aerospace Engineers. That can support you as technical representatives on site for aircraft and engine physical and records inspection , heavy maintenance, aircraft Repair , pre purchase inspection, aircraft and engine leasing process and fleet incorporations. At CAG we offer a complete set of aviation support and maintenance solutions.

General Services

  • Aircraft and engine Inspection
  • Technical Representation and engineering support
  • Aircraft and engines Records Analysis and management
  • Records Digitalization Management
  • Work scope Preparation for Aircraft and Engines
  • Quality Assurance Audits (MRO’s , Airlines , aircraft parts warehouse )
  • Technical Training
  • Heavy maintenance and shop visit invoice evaluation
  • AOG Support

Aircraft Transition and leasing support

  • Physical Evaluation
  • Fleet acquisition
  • Aircraft/Engine Marketing package analysis
  • Letter of intent Review / Leasing Contracts evaluation
  • Maintenance Reserve Forecast
  • Aircraft Delivery Management
  • Aircraft Mid- term inspection
  • Aircraft Redelivery Process

Engine Fleet management

CAG understand your operational requirements and provide high quality outputs focus costs reduction per aircraft flight hour Our expertise in airlines operations and engineering support make us able to:

  • - Minimize your turn around Time
  • - Estimate the need for aircraft engine spares
  • - Reduce your Maintenances cost
  • - Support customer business strategy and Fleet planning
  • - Support your engine portfolio management
  • - Engines End of life solutions
  • - Preparing customized tools to manage and Analyze technical Data
  • - Engine Performance Analysis, engines removals and cost forecast
  • - Engine Work-scope preparation and shop visit surveillance
  • - Engine Health Monitoring
  • - Technical and commercial terms review on engines purchase or leasing contracts
  • - OEM liason, and warranty Claims support

D-MRO Contracts

CAG has the experience to offer you the best advice in contract management, where you can obtain:

  • - The scope of the work done, ability to renegotiate works taking care of the details (small letters)
  • - Analyze the billing and cross it with the real man hours, contemplated in the manufacturer's standards.
  • - The most detailed billing available to obtain visibility of costs and possible reliability problems.
  • - Maintenance per flight hour / cycle contracts.
  • - Negotiation of fixed prices to provide predictable maintenance costs.
  • - Reduction of financial risk.
  • - Revision of contracts with external maintenance organizations, which provide services in foreign stations.

Technical training

CAG has highly qualified personnel to train your personnel in maintenance, engineering, planing and quality areas and work with you in your company training program .

All CAG Aviation Consulting Training meets or exceeds Air Transport Association (ATA) 104, Level 3 guidelines.

System-based Training Programs:

  • - Systems/Avionics/Powerplant for Line and Base Maintenance
  • - Aircraft recurrent training
  • - Ramp and Transit
  • - Aircraft and Engine Differences
  • - Troubleshooting

  • Organizational Training Programs

  • - Human Factors Training
  • - Indoctrination Training
  • - Leadership Training
  • - Standard Maintenance and procedures training